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Written in the sand4

Written in the sand

2022, video, 11'24''

“Forced to erasing memories - the death of data products”

We are well accustomed to and gradually rely on mobile phones or computers to record our lives and thoughts and become our personal friends and way of life. As people fragment their lives, they break down the events in their lives step by step into data records. For example, a smartphone health monitoring app that records daily physical activity.


Under these conditions, data products are internalized in people's egos. Suppose the memories stored in the human brain can be forgotten or remembered by people's own choices. So, after the personal data and data products as memory carriers are stored on the network, do they still have the user's decision-making power?

What should we do if this data is erased? Personal data loss leads to the loss of stored memories and people's online identities.


This project is informed by my personal stories, real experiences, and accounts of fragmented lives. Explore the attachment relationship between people and deleted Internet data products; under the conditions of accelerated technology and society, why people lose themselves because of the disappearance of data products, and the resulting sense of isolation is still present today in society. And how to fight the forced erasure of memory through the form of film.

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