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Where is the empty room?

This is a part of the Master Institute of Visual Culture students present in the Eye search lab exhibition of the EYE film museum ( video, 4'32'', Amsterdam, 2021). We all took their approach to the topic of 'the future' - wildly varying, and that's not so strange. (Film clip)

Where is the future?
From my personal view. The future is unknown to me. I do not know what specific things will happen in the future, and I do not know where the future is. I think the future might be a destination that is constantly being sought.

The empty room is a metaphor for the future. The future is an unknown state and uncertain. In the past and now, we are discussing future things, and we will explore future changes and possibilities. It is like we have been looking for ‘where this empty room is’.
When people talk about the future, they all use images from now. In previous eras, the imagining of the future gradually accumulates imagery. It also formed a history of human imagining. I want to show or compare the imagination of the future in different eras.

And people’s imagined future is a collection of different aspects, and it is not a single object. It is more like an infinitely continuous space. As long as human beings are still in the universe and can continue to create and think, this room will not stop appearing in the future.
As long as time is still flowing, we will always look for the future “empty room” on the way.

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