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Visible Stitches, Invisible Women

2024, installation,  video

Over time, certain things lose their practical value but remain vital in our lives, becoming vessels for memories, like handcrafted sweaters embodying women's labor and love in families. This is Yang Yu's inspiration for her project.

While women's pivotal role in coding often goes unnoticed, Yang Yu parallels the weaving tradition where women played a significant part. Through "Visible Stitches, Invisible Women," she aims to create an interactive space highlighting women's hidden labor in coding and weaving. She unveils the usually concealed work behind coding by translating hand-knitted sweaters into unique patterns. With her art practice focusing on marginalized groups, Yang uses mixed media to shed light on their stories. At the same time, it's a heartwarming journey; she wants to bring the audience to recall women's emotional and creative contributions in everyday life.


Special thanks to the experts: Marnix de Nijs, Dr. Ollie Palmer.

This project is supported by CBKRotterdam.

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