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Super Disinfection

This is part of the exhibition Not So Far From Around Us (video, 2'8'', V2, Rotterdam, 09.2021). 

This film is the record from September to December 2020. I shoot a video of my- self disinfecting every day. These videos were finally edited into a more than two minutes short film.

The COVID breakout is not an ordinary event in most people's whole life. Our way of life has also changed. Masks sanitisers have become the norm. For me, spray disinfection became a ritual to protect myself. Having to sanitize items every day is the source of my happiness in this time of COVID.

But at the same time, I seem to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and I feel anxious and worried if I don’t sanitize things. I wanted to document the happiness that comes with the stress in this time of COVID. I also want to leave some images in such a unique historical period.

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