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Post-COVID Lunch

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03. 2021, Instagram account, Website (disabled), Video, Digital publication

To ask is to heal.

This publication has the meaning to guide the audience through a collective research process that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Curated by eight young women from AKV St. Joost, our main concept involves the idea of research as a sanctuary, meaning a place in which we can discuss, care, play, collaborate and speculate about nature scenarios in order to grow our individual research.

Throughout this publication, vulnerabilities and concerns, struggles and uncertainties shape our common ground: food. In our case, food provided a social role, mental role, performative role, identity role, political and healing role.

The structure of our four online lunches, which sometimes partially took place on location as well, have a main cooking theme depending on our main core concept. Questioning the idea of what research can mean and in which way taking distance from the way in which academia sees research, we combine the fluctuating, connecting and enjoying as a tool of bringing up concerns, frustrations and struggles.
The Post-Covid Lunch Table narrative is an invitation to see, emerge, unfold, question and connect, while making parallelism with food and the food industry as a guiding method for all our personal background and positioning.

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